PikaShow Apk v10 7.0 11.1 MB

The PikaShow Apk is accessible for download and you can easily download all films to watch at no cost. An extensive list of movies is readily available so that you can view these films and can download the movies. 

In addition, web series are as well available for viewing and the entire content is accessible for download. 

Install them onto your device in case you are keen on watching the series in your spare time. 

An extremely fast and reliable internet connection can allow you to download these movies quickly. 

The entire details are listed below, and you will be able to access the functions of the app.

PikaShow Apk Download 2023 Free

The PikaShow Apk v10 7.0 11.1 MB is the latest and most popular application for those who are in the market in streaming free films television serials, TV shows dramas, as well as others. 

Install this app on your Android device, and it can assist you in watching the entire movie at no cost. The entire series is accessible in HD resolution, and you can begin watching every episode of the program. 

Install this application for free to your smartphone and we are giving it away for free. Make sure you have the most recent version installed on your device and watch every episode for no cost.

When the film industry began, a lot of viewers demonstrated a desire for films.

The popularity of movies has increased as time passed. 

Find all old and new films with this application and you can play them on your own for no cost. All old films are readily available in high quality when you’ve downloaded the Picasso Appk download from your device. 

All options are offered for free, and users can make use of the basic interface to watch these films. Utilizing the basic interface, you will see all the movies you want in your screen at home. 

Don’t worry about the amount of space as it will consume the smallest amount of storage on your gadget and it can download it even on older Android hardware too.


Picasso The app is one of the most famous live-streaming applications available on the market today. 

Users can stream new films or catch up with their most-loved TV shows, or even stream live sporting occasions. 

The application is available for download free of charge and utilize, however, there are certain in-app purchases that can be purchased. The application is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

It can download from the respective app stores. We may be interested in Redbox TV APK

When the app is installed the users can log in using the accounts of their Facebook as well as Google accounts. 

Following that, users will have access to it via the PikaShow MOD APK App’s principal interface. 

The interface of the app is fascinating and is split into four different sections. The first is”Live,” which is the “Live” section, where the users can view live streaming of diverse kinds of.

The second part is”Featured” “Featured” section, where the viewers can look through the top television and movies. 

The third segment is the “Channels” or the “Channels” section, where viewers can choose their preferred channels and stream their shows. 

The final and fourth section is”Settings. “Settings” section, where the users can alter the settings of the app and alter it to suit their preferences. 

There is also a “Pro” version, which is offered with a monthly fee.

The Pro version allows users access to additional features like the capability to stream live, and have access to a wider selection of channels as well as no advertisements. 

Overall the Picasso MOD APK is an amazing live-streaming application that is great for users who would like to stream their favorite TV shows. The app is ideal for fans of sports as it allows them to stream live sports occasions.

App NamePicasso
DeveloperPicasso Team
Current Versionv10.8.2
Last UpdatedJanuary 01, 2023
Requires Android5.1 and up
APK Size17.25 MB
Platform (OS)Android

PikaShow on PC – Download Latest Picasso App for Windows 7/8/10/Laptop


Explore the world of entertainment using Picasso on your computer. You can enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood films, action-packed shows as well as exclusive video content on top OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video. 

Picasso APK Picasso APK delivers content from these platforms in a short time. Follow our steps for installing Picasso on your personal computer.

Install Pikshow On PC?

For installing Picasso on your computer it is necessary to use an emulator known as Bluestacks which is commonly employed to run Android applications and games on the computer. 

After you’ve installed Bluestacks then you can download and install Picasso APK from within the emulator. Picasso APK within the emulator.

How To Install Bluestacks?

The procedure of installing Bluestacks on either a PC as well a Mac is simple. It is easy to can download the most recent version of Bluestacks for Windows or Mac by clicking the hyperlink below. 

The installation of Bluestacks on your computer is extremely simple. After you’ve installed Bluestacks and you can download Picasso APK. Picasso APK.

Make sure you check before downloading Bluestacks it is crucial to ensure that your computer is up to the standard requirements needed for the emulator’s operation. Below, we’ve listed every requirement your PC should be able to meet in order to be able to run Bluestacks.

  • Download Bluestacks
  • Download the .exe file or .dmg file.
  • Install it as you would any other application on your computer.
  • When the installation is completed, you can open Bluestacks by clicking the icon on your desktop.
  • The emulator may take a while to get set up.
  • When it’s completely opened and you’re all set!

We’ve Listed a Few Essential Attributes which are Included in Pikashow Application:

  • Live TV viewing: Viewers can watch live TV on the shows they love with options including fast-forwarding pausing, rewinding, pausing, and many more.
  • Library Of Movies & Web Series: With an enormous selection of films and Web Series in both global and regional popular films that you will not have a choice to watch!
  • Subscription Choices: The app offers various subscription options that are based on the user’s preferences which allows users to view endless amounts of streaming video in HD resolution.
  • Multi-Device support: Users are accommodated across multiple gadgets, which means no which device they’re using it won’t be a problem to lose out in their most loved programs!
  • Movie Recommendations Utilizing intelligent algorithms to provide recommendations for movies based upon your preferences and watching history, discovering something fresh is an easy task!

Free Unlimited Live TV Channels

PikaShow Apk v10 7.0 11.1 MB offers the largest variety of TV shows that stream to your mobile device for no charge. Get unlimited access to a variety of channels from all genres which include news, sports documentaries, music and entertainment and many more.

The most popular channels are BBC News UK & India, VH1 Hits UK, SkyOne HD USA & Canada and other channels. Select from an array of options like an integrated DVR, access to premium content, and HD video playback to provide the most enjoyable streaming experience. 

With the Picasso application You can stream television on the move and at home with no charges or commitments to pay monthly. Start today and get started with no-cost unlimitted live TV channels It’s simple!

Video Quality

Picasso app users can get access to the content in high HD quality. With sharp, clear images and a sound system that is enhanced it is possible to can watch your most loved movies and TV shows with no problems. 

Alongside streaming HD content in HD, you can get access to videos on demand using the app’s video-on demand feature.

The users can immediately stream films on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video with this option. Get rid of low-quality streaming and get the cinematic experience in the convenience of home using Picasso App! Picasso App!

No ads & No Signup

The Picasso App offers an alternative to conventional streaming media. In contrast to other streaming services, Picasso does not require an account or payment and users can take advantage of free films or web-based series, as well as live TV without no advertisements.

Picasso is a collection of the most loved content from streaming platforms and combined them in the same app. We are always adding new content to make sure that our viewers can get the most recent releases from their preferred network, producers and studios.

Furthermore it permits users to personalize their experience by making their own playlists. The users can effortlessly browse through the movies and then add the titles to their playlists to have them available later. Each update Picasso’s library expands and offers a growing selection of content to customize your browsing experiences!

No Buffering

The PikaShow Apk ensures no-cost, continuous streaming of films as well as web-based series, and live television by offering smooth and fast buffering. It has a robust algorithm that determines the Internet bandwidth offered by every network and adjusts video quality to match.

The app automatically alters the quality of videos based the device you use to guarantee fast downloads with no buffering. We also use an adaptive bitrate stream technology that helps provide a smooth experience when watching films and TV shows with no interruptions.

The Picasso App is also equipped with the latest caching technology. This aids in the speed of loading content as you switch between television channels or restart playback following an interruption in connection. With no buffering it means you can watch your favorite films and shows with the highest quality video clarity, without delays or distractions.


The PikaShow Apk v10 7.0 11.1 MB lets users stream a wide range of movies on streaming Web series, movies, as well as live TV, for no cost. One of the features that make this app available to viewers around the world is the ability to use subtitles. Even when viewers can’t comprehend the dialogue spoken in the show they can use subtitles to stay on top of the content that is taking place on screen.

Subtitles can be turned off or on by using the settings menu in the Picasso App. As default the subtitles are displayed in English however, they can be changed to different languages of your choice by changing the settings in the settings menu. The users will be presented with a list of the languages that are available in each video, based on their accessibility and can select one depending on the situation, that fits the best to their needs. It also lets users change the appearance of subtitles (i.e. font size, color etc. ) This allows users to personalize this feature to their own preferences.


The app PikaShow offers its users a variety of choices for streaming in various genres, including Movies, Web Series, Live TV, and sports. It allows for a simple navigation experience, and also the elimination of time wasted looking for programs related to your preferences.

  • Films: This section provides viewers with the latest blockbusters coming from Hollywood as well as regional films in India and various other countries. This section of movies also has numerous lesser-known movies for movie buffs who want to explore different types of films.
  • Web Series: Picasso app offers online series educational sessions as well as other entertainment content from genres like Horror, drama thriller, comedy, etc. The app includes box sets of well-known OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime.
  • Live TV Like the title suggests this type of category provides access for free to a few of your favorite channels like Star Plus, Colors TV, Sony India, and many others. This is not limited to the well-known Hindi channels for entertainment, but additionally, English news channels to keep up-to-date with the latest news from all over the globe!
  • Sport: Motorsport lovers rejoice! Picasso app comes with a special sports category that lets you stream live football games played in stadiums or outdoors in own comfort of your home! Track the progress of cricket games in Asia as well as Rugby tournaments across Europe!

Pros & Cons of PikaShow Apk


Picasso APK streaming as well as the OTT platform provides access to a variety of television shows, movie documentaries, among other media.

  • The availability of the information may be restricted in certain regions due to limitations on copyright or geo-restrictions on the side of the content provider.
  • It offers rapid performance and no buffering and excellent picture high-definition.
  • It is simple to use and user-friendly. navigate through its sophisticated interface.
  • It can also support multi-language subtitles to provide greater access to video content.
  • It is accessible for Android as well as iOS devices. This means that those who use both can play their preferred movies anytime, from anywhere.


  • Ads may be displayed during the stream, which can get annoying for a lot of users.
  • There is often a gap between the launch date of blockbuster films in certain areas, making it difficult to locate these movies on the streaming site Picasso APK.


How to Download PikaShow Apk?

If you’re not yet downloading yet the Picasso APK yet, then after reading this article it is possible that you can quickly install it. Picasso APK because in this article we will explain how to download this Picasso APK.

How to Install PikaShow Apk?

In order to install Pikashow Apk, you have first to open the Apk File, then hit the Install button. After that, you will be required to enable the installation of unknown applications. You will then have to press the Install button once more, when you have completed the installation, Picasso APK will be installed on your phone.

How to Download PikaShow Apk for PC?

Picasso is made available as an Android application. If you’d like to download Picasso APK for your personal computer Then this Android emulator application should have been installed onto your PC or laptop. Once you have that installed, you can install and run the Picasso APK for your personal computer.

How to Download PikaShow Apk for IOS?

The Picasso APK is currently available for iOS devices. You can’t use this Picasso APK on iOS Devices.

How to Update PikaShow Apk?

For updating your Picasso APK, you can go to the official site of Picasso APK after which you can make changes to your Picasso APK.

Is PikaShow Apk safe?

You can make use of this Picasso APK without any problem with your phone.

Is PikaShow Apk Legal?

The content that we are able to access in the Picasso APK is piracy due to the fact that it is illegal to use the Picasso APK is not legal.